About Us

Meet the brains behind the operation, Gimie Doherty.

Gimie is most known for her enthusiasm contribution in the  field of  social work,  and believes that there is no limit when it  comes to finding ways to make other lives brighter. She started the journey on growing herbs and creating natural hair products for herself and her family. She believes that one container of treatment should fix and improve all hair growth complications. She created Organic Hair products with homegrown herbs  to  help her family, friends, and customers achieve long lengths in a short time frame. She began making her own hair care products in 2018, by 2020, with the help of her products alone, Gimie was able to go from a pixie cut to neck length. She knew then it was time for her to not only share her products with her friends, but to share them with the world. Since its release, ORGANIC HAIR SOLUTION has helped hundreds  of women, children,  and men restore their confidence in their hair. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible, and always provide the best quality products that actually produce results.